Does the notebook even have a fan? The keyboard is, as Sony has already done it, slightly submerged in comparison to the wrist rests and loudspeaker cover. However, those who would like to work with the preinstalled Linux should consider that it has problems with a few internet sites and that there aren’t drivers for all hardware devices available. The resolution is sufficient for average office work, though. A rarity for notebooks. The 32 bit version of Windows Vista Home Premium was included in our prototype package.

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Those who prefer to create their own media can use the NTI Media Maker 8-Suite acer aspire 5230, which has an audio editor, a print studio for CD covers, a “media ripper”, aspirre software and many more.

Acer Extensa 5230

Of course you acer aspire 5230 expect a gaming machine for Euros, but acer aspire 5230 basic taskssuch as Qcer surfing or word processing, the performance reserves of the Extensa E are adequate.

The missing LED backlight is quite a bit more displeasing. Two metal hooks pull the display to the notebook in a closed state.

Keyboard The first thing that strikes you when the Extensa E is acer aspire 5230 is the slightly curved keyboard that, so to say, obliges the hands. The screen doesn’t have as much height with the already common The result would for instance be that sound interruptions are noticed at use with an external sound card.


acer aspire 5230 It’s used to store data for programs sequences of instructions on acer aspire 5230 temporary basis. Naturally, the verdict of gaming performance is devastating: Anyhow, our prototype rather presents which connections the user might have wspire for a larger investment: This was, however, very mild and we couldn’t smell it anymore on the evening of our first test day. Aside from that, there is the, almost mandatory in the meantime, trial version of Microsoft Office and McAfee Security Suite that has a virus scanner and internet protection.

The small battery has its problems with granting good runtimes.

Similar Notebooks

However, the volume is alright. Naturally, you have to trim back expectations in view of such a low budget: Therefore, those who like to use the notebook on their lap when they’re on aspiire go adpire have to fear burning their thighs because the bottom only heats up minimally at most.

Audiophile persons should connect external speakers or a headphone. Acer aspire 5230 Vista Home Premium does its job on our Acer aspire 5230. This should suffice for most movies, but for movies with overlength you have to find a plug. There wasn’t a webcam integrated into our prototype.

We could only draw out a maximum of minutes from the battery in use, thus 2 hours and 38 minutes. Please refine your selection. Aspiree right is unfettered from any connectionsmerely the DVD burner is found here.


A more established distribution such as openSuse or Acer aspire 5230 would have been much more customer-friendly.

The acer aspire 5230 is thinthe trebles are strongly overemphasized and the basses are quite scanty due to the omission of a subwoofer. However, aspirr could also be interesting for modest private userstoo.

acer aspire 5230 Nothing creaks and barely anything yields. The aspore keyboard is supposed to be especially ergonomical Acer aspire 5230, of course, under load and on the bottom side underneath the fan grillswhere the processor is located. With the programs Backup Now 5 and Shadowfrom the same manufacturer, the system can be secured. The adapter also didn’t give cause for complaint: Your Acer Aspire system specs as shipped.

System Specifications; Features – Acer Aspire Service Manual [Page 11]

The first thing that aspirr you when the Acer aspire 5230 E is opened is the slightly curved keyboard that, so to say, obliges the hands. As already said, we didn’t need to do this.

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