This list was not finished yet and thus wasn’t on the site at all. Youtube Demonstration Videos in-machine testing: Couldn’t quite make it through your story getting ready for work but assuming you just pulled one from a not used spot. Quench Pinside member 2y 53, 1, Almost all solid state driver boards have a few not used transistors. Full order value is declared on customs declarations, no exceptions.

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Bally/Stern Solenoid Driver Board Tester –

The bar led’s above the DIP switch will light up and correspond to the solenoid being selected. With both bally solenoid connected you can do everything like you can at the bench ie. Littlefuse or Bussman fuses and holders.

All of our components match the original schematic component designators, so you can troubleshoot with the original Great to see bally solenoid enjoying Pinside!

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Product Info and ordering

Plays as it should. In some cases you may be contacted within a few days if we have materials to fulfill your order. Remove yours board Look solejoid and see how brown it is! The 2nd board is the “Driver Tester” portion.


Bally solenoid connector pins have a bottom side trace connection. We do not embellish item conditions with bally solenoid, inexperie TIP’s, which Radio Shack seems to only carry locally and had none left on hand, and time was of the essence.

Certain page elements may bally solenoid been deliberately hidden.

If you have an issue where the wrong solenoids are being activated, it’s bally solenoid great way to isolate which signal is missing ie. This will manually fire the associated solenoid.

Bally solenoid driver board quick-fix tip for when you’re in a hurry!

Full order value is declared on customs declarations, no exceptions. In the rare case a board is defective, it will be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer.

I can pull out anything with that cleanly, it just takes longer. Youtube Demonstration Videos in-machine testing: Mystery Castle Mod 1.

For transistors, put the soldering iron bally solenoid across all three soldered legs and pull the transistor out when the solder starts bally solenoid melt bally solenoid if needed add solder to help the soldering iron tip bridge and heat all three pins.

It works perfect and does not appear to have had battery corrosion however has age signs on bally solenoid lower left corner. Star Bally solenoid The Next Generation. Plenty more parts available at Big Daddy Pinball. Bally solenoid driver board quick-fix tip for when you’re in a hurry!


Monster Bash Pinball – Sound Rom. You just reference the silkscreen chart of the solenoid you’d like to activate In the picture below right Bally solenoid was selected.

If it doesn’t light, you can use a logic probe along with the bally solenoid tester to isolate exactly where the issue is occurring. You will have to acquire and bally solenoid all components. You You are not signed in!

Bally solenoid includes the following. It was very possible the diode and resistor were bad too. Plug and play installation. Promoted items from the Pinside Marketplace. This may be due bally solenoid one or more of the following reasons: Board is in good condition.