Page 33 Computing on the Road To Avoid Problems When Remaining Battery Power Is Low We recommend that you check in advance regarding battery power confirmation methods page 35 and alarm settings for warning when battery power is low page External Display At the confirmation message, select [OK]. Main Menu System Time: Dealing with Problems Advanced When a problem occurs, refer to this page. Dealing with Problems Advanced Others When trying to play back video files Some video files use a Codec that is not installed as a standard. On the whole, the set of ports is minimalist. When [Removable disk] appears, select [Take no action], then select [OK].

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Setting for this SD card You can initialize the SD memory card currently inserted or change its settings. The “model version” or “full model panasonic cf-y2 starts with “CF-” followed by nine characters. During WinDVD is panasonic cf-y2, do not perform the following.

Toughbook Drivers, BIOS, EC and More

All indicators are grouped into a single block in the fore left part of the notebook. This function does not work with the external hard disk. The following discs can panasonic cf-y2 used. But if panasonic cf-y2 are not going to use the notebook as a desktop replacement with external mouse and keyboard, then two USB ports should be enough.

If c-fy2 computer cannot be booted from the floppy disk, check the floppy disk drive to ensure that the disk is in fact bootable, and change it to another panasonic cf-y2 not. If no SD memory card is inserted, none of the fields under [Setting for this SD card] can be selected. If a hand is on the disc cover or the display is closed, and the disc cover is prevented from opening, the drive will not panasonic cf-y2 accessed correctly.


Allows settings to panasonic cf-y2 exported as VBS scripts for deployment. When the button to maximize a window is pressed, one of the displays will show the maximized display. Please ensure that your original part number matches this exactly, or check with the manufacturer for compatibility.

Select [Start] after selecting required items panasonic cf-y2 [Check disk options]. Please complete the missing fields highlighted in red below. If the problem persists, contact your technical support office.

Panasonic Toughbook Computer Support Downloads

Battery Power You can also view [Important Tips] using the following procedures. If the setting of the profile that is currently connected is panasonic cf-y2, the new setting will not be enabled until you panasonic cf-y2 the profile and then select [Connect].

For more details, ask your system administrator or the person in charge of the network. Enviar panasonic cf-y2 e-mail a amigos Compartilhar no Facebook – abre em uma nova janela ou guia Compartilhar no Twitter – abre em uma panassonic janela ou guia Compartilhar no Pinterest – abre em uma nova janela ou guia. Durable case, shock-mounted hard drive, and long battery life make it a good companion when you travel or on vacation.

Battery Power NOTE Panasonic cf-y2 computer prevents overcharging of the panasonic cf-y2 by recharging only when the remaining power is less than panasonoc.


Page 41 Battery Power Power off your computer. If PC Cards are inserted, more of that power is consumed. Panasonic cf-y2 up to seven alphanumeric characters can be used.

It may take one or two minutes to enter standby or panasonic cf-y2 mode. External Display When there is no display when the Extended Desktop is disabled: When [Removable disk] appears, select [Take no action], then select [OK].

The right flank houses only PC Card slot and Kensington lock hole. Select [OK] at [Mouse Properties].

Add the check mark for [Use when starting computer] B and select [Next]. And the round shape of the pad is almost no problem to control the cursor. Entrar em mais listas. Dealing with Panasonic cf-y2 Advanced Others When trying to play back video files Some video panasonic cf-y2 use a Codec that is not installed as a standard.

When using the computer as a network computer, some additional settings may have to be made depending on the usage conditions. Disable popup Add the check mark if you want to turn the popup window display function OFF.