Works like a charm. Because your programs execute in less time without the need for swapping frames in and out to disk all the time, the CPU works less in managing scheduling and context switching for all the extra IO activity. These little laptops are really very nice machines. Its nice to see that despite the low price it comes with mb RAM. I am major league upset and to top it all off, the refund mail-in rebate has not come after 3 months time. Second partition — Win XP Pro.

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Also one more laaptop for you: Randy, Most newer fans are non bearing, brushless. An additional button laptpo locks sotec laptop the others to prevent accidental launches.


Can I add more than the mb limit? I love it so far. My experience of retrofit W2k on a machine laptop or tower that ships with WXP home. I recommend the sotec laptop using your Sotec on sotec laptop couch or in bed laptol a pillow on your lap as I do,make sure to place a book or magazine underneath the notebook, as to not block the fan intake or vent. But people who paid money for what they bought can be and usually are very honest and candid.


A post from asked for parts for a sx notebook manufactured sotec laptop the company. If it came with a driver disk, I lost it.

sitec I almost decided sotec laptop buy Sotec x, but I have one doubt: If your p out of their warranty, it is easy to change a battery, otherwis, it is laphop little bit hard to do it without broken that warranty tag. Any ideas, suggestions sotec laptop replacing it? Now if HP, Compaq, Toshiba, and Dell would quit confusing the issue with somewhat similar laptops at sotec laptop similar price points… office depot has a 15 percent coupon now.

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The only usable things are the Sotec laptop, 1 Ghz, hard drive and Ram. They thought I was nuts when I told them I wanted three. I do like volume wheels so that you can control the volume sltec without using hotkeys and having it located in front is growing on me.

I run Windows You might not think so, but more memory will sotec laptop not only less disk sotec laptop in and out, but should also reduce overall CPU usage. I am not sure what WiFi would be useful for? This is all new to me, any input would be greatly appreciated. The system recognizes the network sotec laptop, but the PC does not receive any data. IF that doesnt work, send it in. Like a couple of people here, Im looking for more information on the P; lapto; sotec laptop run data crunching apps on it?


Don’t show this again. Raise the laptop up a bit and cools great.

Cheap laptops from Sotec

The DVD sotec laptop is smooth. It can be used either as a notebook cover or notebook lap rest when folded backwards and underneath.

Hello and good day to you all. Rich, Where can I get the info on Basic and also, if you can help where do I get the network cable for sotec laptop It seemed to be the tips of the blade hitting the metal housing.

Sotec’s intros PC Station BJ / BX desktops and WH5513P laptop

It just works right out of the box. Dino, If it is still under warranty your employees best bet is to send it in. Has anyone tried and successfully sotec laptop the problem using the method on the sotec laptop board?

Battery charging during calibration or when in BIOS makes a really high-pitched noise.