We cannot offer any support for third-party software, nor any guarantee that it will work correctly with these drivers. The name of the interface may vary. No However, the above happens even if the cable is unplugged However, anyone thinking about using them needs to be aware of the following points: These drivers are compatible with Windows and newer. Go through the same steps as explained above to install this second driver. However, our USB interfaces present additional challenges.

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Send a private message to Sebastian. These instructions are for Windows Vista only. Click the [ Options ] button.

The vendor had e-mailed me directing me to the FTDI website vag com usb download the drivers – you were correct! Go test on a car. After vat installation is complete, click “Finish”. Would be very grateful for any suggestions With an interface plugged in, find it in Device Manager, right-click it, and select Update Driver. We’ve found no real pattern why vag com usb does on some systems and not on others.


VAG Com USB Cable OBD II 2 FTDI KKL 409.1 VW AUDI VCDs Ross Tech BMW

I may have to shell out for one vag com usb it looks really pukka. July 16th, DO NOT connect cable to your computer yet. Satisfaction guaranteed or double your fault codes back! If installation fails, see below: You may need a manifying lens though isb see what type it is!

Test Everything is Working. These drivers are compatible with Windows and newer.

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